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Secure Services provides comprehensive support services required at our clients workplace. This helps clients to focus on their core business needs, confident in the fact that all support services are functioning at maximum efficiency. Over the years we have built long-standing relationships with all our clients. Our clients are key players in the Financial, Manufacturing, IT Industries.

As the leading integrated security solutions provider, we offer a wide spectrum of services to its clients ranging from large multinationals to an individual, covering almost every security product and service available in the market. We are committed to provide a healthy and effective working environment.

Our Services


Offer body guard security services on hire to individuals who are vulnerable and require protection due to their high position, fame, wealth, or threat from other parties. This service is available to clients on temporary on-hire basis as well as on long-term contract basis depending on the safety needs. Individuals, on threat from rivals such as jealous ex-spouse, relative in wealth dispute, neighbor in quarrel; also find this service extremely useful.

House Keeping

House Keeping team maintains a clean and safe campus, providing a presentable and comfortable environment. Our service is provided in conjunction with a service specification for each residential and non-residential area, developed through our discussions with you. We aim to deliver an efficient and comprehensive service, with flexibility to adapt to individual needs where necessary.

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